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a-dec Excellence 2072 Operatory

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    • Automatic controls for three handpieces
    • Adjustable tray position and pneumatic brake
    • Individual handpiece water coolant controls
    • Standard utility center and two syringes
    • Assistant's vacuum instrumentation on safety release sliding arm with articulating holders
    • Chair mount adapter and water Q.D. outlet
    • Non water-retracting handpiece control and syringe
    • Flush valve system for handpiece tubings
    • Cover to shield the faceplate from aerosols and debris
    • Foot operated wet/dry control
    • Surfaces facilitate wipe-down
    • Smooth tubings for easy wipe-down
    • Control handle design allows use of barrier protection
    • Easy-clean HVE
    • Autoclavable syringe
    • Assistants instrument holders are easy to clean
    a-dec Priority 1005 CHAIR FEATURES
    • Doctors-Adjustable pre-positioning
    • Adjustable articulating headrest
    • Dual side base and back function switches
    • Automatic return
    • Swivel seat and snap on upholstry
    • Hydraulic driven movement
    • Optional multi-function foot switch
    a-dec 6300 LIGHT FEATURES
    • Three position intensity switch
    • Counter-balanced, drift free arm system
    • Third rotation axis at light head
    • Color-corrected light
    • Optically-designed scratch resistant reflector
    • Feathered edge, continuous intensity light
    • Snap-release lens shield
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Model No.: 2072
  • Warranty: One Year