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- Dental Resources owns and operates dentalresourcesequipment.com. We would like to inform our customers on how their personal information is either held or shared.

- Privacy will always remain to play an important part with our customers. Our website is here to ensure our products are sold to customers all the while striving for a safe and convenient purpose. Below is a statement referring to the privacy regarding the use of a customer's personal information.
Personal Information

- Dental Recources website does not sell or trade any personal information pertaining to our customers without contacting and approval from the customer first.

- We may share customer information with our service provider, billing and refund vendors, and shipping vendors to better our business services as long as it is agreed upon that they will not diclose of this personal information.

- We may disclose information having to do with a customer if the matter pertains to assist government enforcement agencies as to prevent suspected or actual illegal activities. Also as means to protect the rights, property or personal safety of Dental Resources, our employees, agents, or customers.

- Personal information such as name, email, mailing address, phone number, and credit card information may be required during the payment process.

- At this time during the payment process, our merchant services hold on to the information so that we can keep in touch with our customers and ensure a successful transaction. This is to better our service as well as for future transactions to be speedy and convenient for the customer.

- We will also be constructing a mailing list for specials and advertisements for our products. It would be of the customers choice whether to be on this list or not.

- Also it is possible for the customer to opt-out of any mailing list regarding marketing specials and advertisements. This may be done by contacting us at the information listed below.

- Steps will be taken to ensure your personal information is kept accurate and complete. This information can be updated by contacting us at

email: drdentalresouces@cox.net

phone: (800) 531-0312

- Customer information is vital to us also due to the possiblity of a manufacturers recall, or any information that the manufacturer wishes the customer to be aware of regarding their products.

- "Cookies" will soon be implented into our website to better improve our customer experience. "Cookies" are used to track and record browser information from visitors as to help make the customers time one our website more convenient. Of course this is not mandatory and an option on your browser can alter whether "cookies" are accepted or not.

- Just as important as privacy is to the customer, security is to our website.

- Although it is not possible for a website to guarantee complete safety of a customers information, we can however guarantee that we will use every reasonable precaution to keep purchasing of our products safe.
Child Information

- Any children under the age of 13 should not share any information on this site.

- It is not with in Dental Resources ability to determine if a customer is under the age of 13 and should there by be under the responsibility of the parent or guardian to remove this information

- Or contact us at

email: drdentalresources@cox.net

phone number: (800) 531-0312
Changes to Privacy Policy

- It is possible that our Privacy Policy is subject to change.

- When this occurs statements that you see here may become revised and in this case needs to be viewed again.

- Whenever possible, view this page to keep up to date with our Privacy Policy.

- If you wish to share your email, a message can be sent out to alert you when this takes place as well.
Questions on the Privacy Policy

- This privacy policy is here to better our customers understanding of our treatment of personal information and if at any time a question arises please feel free to contact us at

email: drdentalresources@cox.net

phone number: (800) 531-0312